Esse.Sette Project

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up”

Paul Valéry

Esse.Sette Project


ur aim is to bring back to the skies the S.7, involving enthusiasts from all over the world in order to rediscover the original projects, constructive techniques, and trace back as many hints as possible in order to re-project the aircraft.

The project, coordinated by a group of enthusiasts, not very far from the original site of production of the S.7, is divided into two phases:

The first consists in laying the basis to the project, gathering information and verifying the feasibility of the project;

The second aims to building the aircraft, after a cost evaluation, availability of parts and rebuilding missing parts.

The work will be based upon a distributed collaboration centered on the potential of the web and the social networks. Meeting many enthusiasts will allow the sharing of the knowledge necessary to the fulfillment of such a complex operation and will help build support in order to keep the passion on the run to face the upcoming years of work.

At the moment, phase 1 is on the go, we are not talking about the physical rebuilding of the plane, as for that, we still need results and information.

We are confident that, somewhere, there are still spare parts of at least some of the 200 aircrafts built, even though from our sources they are all reported as demolished.

Luciano Carpinteri

Andrea Venturini