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6 agosto 1951, gli S.7 partecipano all’Airshow di Shoreham

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Da Flight n. 2221 del 17 Agosto 1951 – Dell’editore

Seen at Shoreham

(…) Probably the most striking members of the foreign contingent, however, were the two Ambrosini S.7s from Italy. Although appearing externally identical, they are, in fact, fitted with different engines, Count Bonzi’s being powered by a Gipsy Queen 30 while G. A. Ferrari’s has an Alfa 115. The S.7 is a beautifully proportioned trainer and looks almost “tailor-made” for racing purposes. Altogether, last Monday’s event produced as colourful and interesting a collection of aircraft as has lately been seen in this country. It is to be hoped that all of them will line up once again on September 22nd, when the Daily Express has sportingly agreed to re-stage the race.




Gipsy Queens in the Ambrosinis

It is hardly surprising that spectators at Shoreham on August 6th had difficulty in distinguishing one Ambrosini S.7, described in the race programme as Alfa-Romeo-powered, from the other with Gipsy Queen, for, in fact, both were identical and both had 225 h.p. Alfas. The Gipsy Queen 30 (250 h.p.) version could not, it seems, be got ready in time. A new version of the Ambrosini, with Queen 70, is due to fly on September 1st. Data for this are : normal weight, 3,850 lb; maximum speed at 6,000ft, 270 m.p.h.; ceiling, 23,000ft; climb to 20,000ft, 20 minutes; cruising endurance, 3 hr 20 min; maximum dive speed, 425 m.p.h.